quinta-feira, 20 de dezembro de 2007


Christmas is comming!
It's time for peace, love, harmony, celebration...
Many hugs: Strong, loving, exciting, vibrant, happy!
Lot of Kisses!
Have peace always present in our lives. Let's live and be happy!
I wish you and your family had a Christmas of love!Have 2008 year with many realizations, health, success and happiness!

Hug and kiss a looooot.
Receive and give gifts! How nice to see a large smile on a face of those we like.
The surprise for receiving a gift and the happiness giving something we chose with love.
Oh! Seems to be crazy what I'm writting, but find someone special to send your smile! Could also be somebody unknown on the street. Try! The result is fascinating! Cheers!

With love!

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